„ not every simple design is great, …..but certainly every great design is simple”


Comprehensive modern architectural design services with special attention to sustainability and green multi-criteria certification.

visio architects and consulting is specializing in several different types of buildings amongst them we can list offices, hospitality, public, industrial and retail buildings, as well as residential, multi-residential buildings, revitalization of post- industrial areas and sustainable historical renovations

Architektura Wnętrz

Design of contemporary interiors for private investors and corporations.

visio is specializing in sustainable approach to all design aspects, mainly through careful selection of durable green materials, user health and comfort, indoor environmental quality as well as high attention to the details and on-site supervision.

All this to assure of proper construction for the achievement of best final effect for individual customer needs.


Sustainable urban planning with special attention to the grayfield, blackfield and brownfield redevelopment.

visio is specializing in green settlements and revitalization of post industrial zones with use of parametric simulations (on the site and city district scale).

Townscape renewal through employment of multiple sustainable factors, intensification of infill construction, introduction of alternative transport etc.


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visio is the first company in Poland focusing on sustainable consulting in all 3 major rating schemes: LEED, BREEAM & DGNB.

Our comprehensive services include training, energy modelling, commissioning and LEED project administration.

visio provide consulting services directly to the owner or to the any other design and construction team member.

Zielone Karty

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The purpose of green product cards is to facilitate the work of green building professionals, architects, consultants and to provide easy access to the data necessary for the LEED certification prospect.

Green product cards are excellent communication and marketing tool for the product manufacturer.

All essential information in regards to the particular product are given in the form and order useful in certification process.

Design Przemysłowy

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Intuitive creativity of visio team members resulted in several industrial design projects and details.

Furniture, new product boxes, small architecture, lighting elements, jewelry etc. are design with the highest attention to the detail often with cooperation of the experienced craftsman.

visio interest in material science allows for fast idea implementation for both individual customer and mass production.

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